Leaders and Change

Let's get a couple of things straight here. Leaders lead change. Managers fight it. That isn't a bad thing - it's what they are suppose to do. Let's look at it this way. Leaders determine the right changes to make at the right times. Thus they change to accomplish their goals, vision and mission. Managers place systems and policies into place that ensure that a) goals, vision and mission is being accomplished and b) keep unwanted change and distractions from disabling an organization or people.

You can apply this to the basic of all organizational units. The family. The skills required to have a successful marriage and family today require you to adapt to change - have solid Biblical core values to build your family - and a management style that promotes your family, not discourage it.

So here are the components you need for leadership change.
- Let leaders lead - let manager manage. Don't let managers lead or leaders manage. That leads to confusion.
- Have clear cut goals, vision and mission. Know who you are AND where you are going.
- Clear communication channels at multiple levels are needed in order to have a clear understanding of your situation. We live in fast times, therefore you need to receive information that is quick and clear. You also need a means of sending out your message in as many difference levels that is just as quick and clear.
- Never assume that everyone knows what is going on. Silence isn't golden. When people don't respond or speak about what is happening, that usually means that they either don't know what is going on or just don't understand it. The days of, "No news is good news" is over. Silence doesn't mean that people approve. It just means their silent.

Tomorrow I will blog about the levels of leadership and change you need to look at.


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