The World Did Not End

But I read this morning the Harold Camping is now saying that he got it wrong. That the right date is in October 21st, not in May. I am not writing this as a open letter to Mr Camping. There are plenty of good ones out there he can read. I am not scolding people who subscribed to the May 21st - simply because I think their heart was in the right place - but their understanding of God's Word may have been lacking.

So let's get a few things clear.

#1 - Will the rapture and the end of the world happen on Oct. 21st? Probably not. No one can predict the future. In fact the Bible goes as far as to say - Don't do it. Can the rapture happen today, tomorrow or next week? Yes it can.

#2 - What do you say to people who ask about Mr Camping and the end of the world? Let them know that (if you don't) subscribe to Mr Campings teaching. That you read the Bible and it tells you something different.

#3 - What are you doing that is relevant to what Mr Camping is saying? As my friend Larry Shrodes pointed out to his church Sunday - get today's paper and read the obituaries. The world did come to an end for those people. What you are doing today and how are you living your life it getting ready for the inevitable. The day that you stand before God.


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