Things Are Changing - Sunday After Reflections

There is change and then there is God given change.

I prefer the latter.

I can change my hair style, my weight, my shoes and even the color of my eyes. (contacts)

But when God changes us, it's our attitude and action. Thinking differently and acting differently. It isn't turning over a new leaf. It's called transformation. Jesus transforms us - to be more like Him.

I can see God changing FFWC.
I can see God changing me.
I can see God changing the hearts of leaders.
I can see God doing a new thing here at FFWC.

- Praise and Worship was awesome this morning. Thanks P&W Team!
- Shout out to Bob Aston - missionary to the children of the US - He brought us up to date on damage and recovery efforts of Convoy of Hope in Alabama - Georgia - Mississippi and Arkansas. (FYI - Did you know that for $6,000 you can fill a Tractor Trailer with $42,000 worth of relief supplies for people?) We raise more than $200 (still counting as of right now)
- Transformers Kids had a GREAT time!
- Enjoyed how God helped people get past any unresolved issues with Him this morning.
- Loved meeting new people and making new friends after church today!


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