Sunday night reflections

Here are a few thoughts from today.

God is an awesome God!

Baptizing 8 people really makes my day, and tomorrow and a few more days after that.

When God answers pray. Don't be surprised if He shows off.

After talking with a few of you today I learned that God is really working on some of you and your family members. Get ready to see this church grow!

I forgot to show the announcement DVD - so go to and watch it there (it's under events).

Thank you to the Shurrs for opening their home to us. The picnic was a blast!

It was an honor for Betty and I to baptize Anneka today.

If I got anymore transparent today, I think you would be able to see through me.

I think it's cool that God thinks this church will run over 500 by the year 2020. And I agree with Him.

I am privileged to pastor faith family worship center in Palm City, Florida! Other Pastors should be jealous.

And thanks to our great friends in Tampa, Larry and Deanna, who are letting us stay at their home today and tomorrow for a little R n R.

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