Sunday is a Comin'

Not that I think that any Sunday is less important than the other. But this one is shaping up to be quite the day.

The reason that I say this is simple. God is sharing with me some things that I think can and will change the direction of our church. Goals and vision. Dreams that need to become reality through God's divine purpose and power. Quite honestly - I am very excited about it all - at the same time I know that Satan is doing all he can to stop it.

So what do you need to do to be ready for Sunday?
1) Set your alarm and be there at 10:30 a.m. sharp!!
2) Do not hit the snooze button
3) The temptation not to go to church is from the Devil. You don't listen to him any other day of the week - don't on Sunday either.
4) Don't fight with your family on the way to church. Save it for later if you have to.
5) Come ready to give of yourself to God and be ready to receive from Him too.
6) Believe in more than what you see in the natural. Remember we live by faith - not by sight.
7) Pray and ask God to prepare your heart and mind for what He is about to do.
8) Get excited about what God is going to do - don't worry about how He is going to do it - remember he is GOD!
9) Believe that you can make a difference! He created you for a purpose - determine to discover it for you and your family.
10) Let God be God. Why not believe in something bigger, better, brighter and happier than you have ever believed in before.

Bottom line: I wouldn't miss Sunday if I were you!


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