How To Pray for Your Family

Sunday - Tom Benigas shared with us how to pray for our families. This was great stuff.


Ask God to soften their hearts. Eze 11:19

Ask God to send a spirit of conviction. John 16:8

Ask God to send a spirit of revelation. Eph 1:17

Ask God to bring His Word to their ignorance. God's word will never return void. John 14:26; Isa 55:11

Pray for forgiveness. My own. Matt. 6:9-15

Pray for labors for the harvest. Matt. 9:38

Pray for a revelation of eternity. Matt. 10:28

Resist the enemy. James 4:7

Solicit others to pray. Eph. 6:19

Pray for a revelation of God's love. Rom 2:4


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