Change Happens

When we pray - God changes things.

So why would we pray if A) we didn't expect change and B) we didn't intend to change anything? But yet people pray that way all the time and are either shocked that God did something or their upset that He did something?

So why do we pray?

"Well we pray for God to change things - right?" Yes . . . well . . . almost. When we pray, we want to pray as Jesus taught the disciples. The thought goes something like this. "God - let heaven come down to earth and my will be submissive to your will." When you pray - ask God to show you what He wants to do? Read His Word and discover what His will is. Ask other Christians who have been where you are and ask them what God did through their life. Let God know your heart, let Him know what you think, let Him know that your faith isn't tied to the answer - but that you faith trust Him to do the right thing.

"But Pastor, I need it to be done this way!" When you release the problem to God, you also release the stress and the worry that goes along with that problem. While in the natural your mind and heart probably want to scream - your spirit conquers all and quites those feelings of fear. Prayer turns the supernatural power of God loose, faith trusts God to always do the right thing (like He could do anything else) hope springs eternal because your eyes are now on Jesus and not on the problem. You and Jesus get to live and reign forever - your problems don't.


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