Change Happens - Even In Churches

One of the things that has to happen in churches is - change. The one thing that most people don't like happening to their church is - change. I have seen people fight against change in the name of holiness. I have see people fight for change in the name of holiness. The problem that we have with change is simple. It makes us uncomfortable. It usually catches us off guard. It challenges us to do something that we may not agree with. It forces us to change our lives.

In recent weeks I have seen how change can challenge even the best of leadership. Our first reaction is to try to stop it - that usually doesn't work. The second reaction is to try to control it - sometimes that's a good thing. But you have to have strong values and a clear understanding of your vision - otherwise you will sacrifice important keys to your future. The third reaction is to rebel against it in the name of (fill in the blank here). Change will challenge what we think is sacred and holy. The question you MUST ask yourself is - Is it sacred or is it a sacred cow?

When we sacrifice the purpose and call of God on our lives in the name of comfort or opinion - or in other words - when we resist change just because WE don't like it - we very well may be resisting the will of God for our lives and future.

Now why did I say all of this? Simple. My life and this church is going through tremendous change. Some of these changes I have prayed for and I say - Praise God! Some of these changes are coming at a tremendous cost to me personally. That's OK too. I would rather go through life eating humble pie than to spend one day full of my own pride. I know that everything is happening for a reason - and it is my hope and prayer that we - together - walk with God to accomplish His purpose and will in our lives.


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