Build a Bridge and Get Over It

Now before you think this is the "Oh suck it up" series - read on.

What are you trying to get over in your life? A bad marriage? A broken relationship? A recent financial loss? An addiction? What are some things you wish you could get over? Stress? Struggles? Hopelessness?

Well then this series is just for you! The Holy Spirit helps you to build bridges in your life that get you from where you are at - to where you need to go? But all of this stuff I just name (and more) is like a great river that you cannot pass. You're right - you cannot pass it. But with God's help - all things are possible.

So make plans for you and your family to attend each Sunday in June. You see - EVERYBODY is going to be learning how to build a bridge! Children, Yout - everybody!

Oh, and don't forget Fathers Day - June 19th. The day before the men are going on a road trip to a local gun range for some target practice. You do not need to own a gun to participate, but please RSVP my office at 287-3480.