Being Blessed

It is so hard for us to understand our position with God. That's because we don't realize that when we worship Him we always start from a place where we are in right relationship with Him. So many times when we pray we think that we have to dig ourselves out of a hole first before we can even ask God for something. That our sins need to be forgiven again, our imperfections need to be addressed again, our humanity is in the way of our future - again.

When we ask Jesus into our lives, we need to understand that at that point, at that time, we are in a right relationship with Him. We start from the right place - the place where we can do all things through Christ who strengths us. When we ask Christ into our hearts we enter into a New Covenant - under our old way of living we were on our own - but under this New Covenant He leads us.

That means what is His is ours and what is ours is His. Now you may think to yourself, "Well that isn't much of a trade." You're right! It isn't. But God wants it that way. He wants to bless you.

LESSON FOR THE DAY: When someone wants to bless you - let them. You do not have the right to steal someone's blessing. Read that last line again. They are being blessed by blessing you. Don't take that away from them just because of your pride. If God leads them to be a blessing in your life, then there is a reason for - for the blesser and the blessee.

Giving is suppose to be a joy. Paul even goes as far as to say in 2 Cor 9:7 that we shouldn't grieve in what we give, but that we should give cheerfully.

It is the same way with God. Not that God needs to be blessed - but He enjoys blessing us. He enjoys taking care of us.

Now nothing I have said here implies that we can live however we want and still be "blessed". This isn't a excuse to sponge off of other people. All of this comes from a place of humility and surrender unto God. I said Sunday, "I would rather eat humble pie for the rest of my life than live one day full of pride." I would rather - but - I know I'm not perfect. So ask God to help you be a blessing today.


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