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Being Blessed

It is so hard for us to understand our position with God. That's because we don't realize that when we worship Him we always start from a place where we are in right relationship with Him. So many times when we pray we think that we have to dig ourselves out of a hole first before we can even ask God for something. That our sins need to be forgiven again, our imperfections need to be addressed again, our humanity is in the way of our future - again. When we ask Jesus into our lives, we need to understand that at that point, at that time, we are in a right relationship with Him. We start from the right place - the place where we can do all things through Christ who strengths us. When we ask Christ into our hearts we enter into a New Covenant - under our old way of living we were on our own - but under this New Covenant He leads us. That means what is His is ours and what is ours is His. Now you may think to yourself, "Well that isn't much of a trade." Yo

Sunday night reflections

Here are a few thoughts from today. God is an awesome God! Baptizing 8 people really makes my day, and tomorrow and a few more days after that. When God answers pray. Don't be surprised if He shows off. After talking with a few of you today I learned that God is really working on some of you and your family members. Get ready to see this church grow! I forgot to show the announcement DVD - so go to and watch it there (it's under events). Thank you to the Shurrs for opening their home to us. The picnic was a blast! It was an honor for Betty and I to baptize Anneka today. If I got anymore transparent today, I think you would be able to see through me. I think it's cool that God thinks this church will run over 500 by the year 2020. And I agree with Him. I am privileged to pastor faith family worship center in Palm City, Florida! Other Pastors should be jealous. And thanks to our great friends in Tampa, Larry and Deanna, who are letting us stay at their home t

Sunday is a Comin'

Not that I think that any Sunday is less important than the other. But this one is shaping up to be quite the day. The reason that I say this is simple. God is sharing with me some things that I think can and will change the direction of our church. Goals and vision. Dreams that need to become reality through God's divine purpose and power. Quite honestly - I am very excited about it all - at the same time I know that Satan is doing all he can to stop it. So what do you need to do to be ready for Sunday? 1) Set your alarm and be there at 10:30 a.m. sharp!! 2) Do not hit the snooze button 3) The temptation not to go to church is from the Devil. You don't listen to him any other day of the week - don't on Sunday either. 4) Don't fight with your family on the way to church. Save it for later if you have to. 5) Come ready to give of yourself to God and be ready to receive from Him too. 6) Believe in more than what you see in the natural. Remember we live by faith

Change Happens - Even In Churches

One of the things that has to happen in churches is - change. The one thing that most people don't like happening to their church is - change. I have seen people fight against change in the name of holiness. I have see people fight for change in the name of holiness. The problem that we have with change is simple. It makes us uncomfortable. It usually catches us off guard. It challenges us to do something that we may not agree with. It forces us to change our lives. In recent weeks I have seen how change can challenge even the best of leadership. Our first reaction is to try to stop it - that usually doesn't work. The second reaction is to try to control it - sometimes that's a good thing. But you have to have strong values and a clear understanding of your vision - otherwise you will sacrifice important keys to your future. The third reaction is to rebel against it in the name of (fill in the blank here). Change will challenge what we think is sacred and holy.

Change Happens

When we pray - God changes things. So why would we pray if A) we didn't expect change and B) we didn't intend to change anything? But yet people pray that way all the time and are either shocked that God did something or their upset that He did something? So why do we pray? "Well we pray for God to change things - right?" Yes . . . well . . . almost. When we pray, we want to pray as Jesus taught the disciples. The thought goes something like this. "God - let heaven come down to earth and my will be submissive to your will." When you pray - ask God to show you what He wants to do? Read His Word and discover what His will is. Ask other Christians who have been where you are and ask them what God did through their life. Let God know your heart, let Him know what you think, let Him know that your faith isn't tied to the answer - but that you faith trust Him to do the right thing. "But Pastor, I need it to be done this way!" When you

When God Speaks

It isn't a matter if God will talk to you - it is whether or not you are listening. But here is a simple rule that you need to remember if you want to hear from God. When you pray - always remember that you are the solution to your prayer. Sometimes when I pray - I don't think I can do anything about it - but then God speaks. Sometimes when I pray - I don't want to do anything about it - then God speaks. Sometimes when I pray - I know I can do something about it - then God speaks. Sometimes when I pray - I don't want God to speak to me - then God speaks. I really believe that God can and will talk to everyone who will listen to Him - the question is - do we pay attention to what we hear? Why don't we hear what God is saying? Our pride prevents us from allowing God to humble us. We perceive that it will be too painful. Our fears prevent us from hearing God - because God may ask us to do something that scares us. Our inability to see ourselves through His eyes dev

Church Picnic and Baptismal Service

Just a reminder that this Sunday - Memorial Day weekend - You don't have to spend a lot in gas or food for your family. The church family of FFWC welcomes you to attend their Memorial Day Picnic which will be followed by a baptismal service. We are meeting at the home of Randy and Donna Shurr (they have a pool) So . . . . If you want to be baptized - please email me and let me know. What should I bring? Oh, your favorite side dish, salad or dessert for the day. You can bring some hot dogs and hamburgers too. Maps to their house will be provided Sunday morning in church. They do not live far from the church. For those of you who want to watch the Indy 500. I think we can get Randy to put it on their TV.

Build a Bridge and Get Over It

Now before you think this is the "Oh suck it up" series - read on. What are you trying to get over in your life? A bad marriage? A broken relationship? A recent financial loss? An addiction? What are some things you wish you could get over? Stress? Struggles? Hopelessness? Well then this series is just for you! The Holy Spirit helps you to build bridges in your life that get you from where you are at - to where you need to go? But all of this stuff I just name (and more) is like a great river that you cannot pass. You're right - you cannot pass it. But with God's help - all things are possible. So make plans for you and your family to attend each Sunday in June. You see - EVERYBODY is going to be learning how to build a bridge! Children, Yout - everybody! Oh, and don't forget Fathers Day - June 19th. The day before the men are going on a road trip to a local gun range for some target practice. You do not need to own a gun to participate, but plea

How To Pray for Your Family

Sunday - Tom Benigas shared with us how to pray for our families. This was great stuff. HOW TO PRAY FOR YOUR FAMILY... Ask God to soften their hearts. Eze 11:19 Ask God to send a spirit of conviction. John 16:8 Ask God to send a spirit of revelation. Eph 1:17 Ask God to bring His Word to their ignorance. God's word will never return void. John 14:26; Isa 55:11 Pray for forgiveness. My own. Matt. 6:9-15 Pray for labors for the harvest. Matt. 9:38 Pray for a revelation of eternity. Matt. 10:28 Resist the enemy. James 4:7 Solicit others to pray. Eph. 6:19 Pray for a revelation of God's love. Rom 2:4


A massive tornado cut a six-mile long and as much as a three-quarter-mile-wide swath through the city of Joplin, Missouri, last night, leaving mangled vehicles, uprooted trees and piles of rubble where homes, businesses, schools and fire stations once stood, with at least 116 fatalities. According to reports, the storm had spawned tornadoes earlier in the evening in Kansas, then another tornado touched down on the west side of Joplin about 5:30 p.m. and began making its way through the city. Many local television reports had images of Joplin's St. John's Hospital, with its windows blown out and debris hanging from its structure, surrounded by nothing but flattened neighborhoods. Joplin Assemblies of God Sectional Presbyter Ken Robinson says the area resembles a war zone. "It's just unbelievable," he says. Robinson says that of the AG churches in the Joplin area, he believes Faith Assembly was the hardest hit. The church's roof was blown off and its windows an

The World Did Not End

But I read this morning the Harold Camping is now saying that he got it wrong. That the right date is in October 21st, not in May. I am not writing this as a open letter to Mr Camping. There are plenty of good ones out there he can read. I am not scolding people who subscribed to the May 21st - simply because I think their heart was in the right place - but their understanding of God's Word may have been lacking. So let's get a few things clear. #1 - Will the rapture and the end of the world happen on Oct. 21st? Probably not. No one can predict the future. In fact the Bible goes as far as to say - Don't do it. Can the rapture happen today, tomorrow or next week? Yes it can. #2 - What do you say to people who ask about Mr Camping and the end of the world? Let them know that (if you don't) subscribe to Mr Campings teaching. That you read the Bible and it tells you something different. #3 - What are you doing that is relevant to what Mr Camping is saying? A

The World Will End May 21st

Oh Really!?! Since when? All of this is according to Harold Camping that is. He runs the Evangelical network Family Radio and is the one who wrote the book 1994? Predicting that Judgement Day would be Sept. 6, 1994. Apparently that question mark is REALLY important. Now he is declaring that the Rapture (that's when all Christians dead and alive will meet Jesus in the air) will happen on May 21st. Then the end of the world will happen on Oct 21st. Everyone that is left, along with the universe will be annihilated. That means all will cease to exist - no one spends eternity in hell. Oh, and what happened to the 7 years of tribulation? Well that started back in 1988 and has been going on for 23 years. Really!?! I get annoyed by this stuff for a couple of reasons. This kind of nonsense preys upon the minds and hearts of those who haven't grown in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Don't be quick to blame them for believing all of this. With time,

Things Are Changing - Sunday After Reflections

There is change and then there is God given change. I prefer the latter. I can change my hair style, my weight, my shoes and even the color of my eyes. (contacts) But when God changes us, it's our attitude and action. Thinking differently and acting differently. It isn't turning over a new leaf. It's called transformation. Jesus transforms us - to be more like Him. I can see God changing FFWC. I can see God changing me. I can see God changing the hearts of leaders. I can see God doing a new thing here at FFWC. - Praise and Worship was awesome this morning. Thanks P&W Team! - Shout out to Bob Aston - missionary to the children of the US - He brought us up to date on damage and recovery efforts of Convoy of Hope in Alabama - Georgia - Mississippi and Arkansas. (FYI - Did you know that for $6,000 you can fill a Tractor Trailer with $42,000 worth of relief supplies for people?) We raise more than $200 (still counting as of right now) - Transformers Kids had a GREAT