What are you passionate about? The answer doesn't really expose itself in what you say - but in what you do? The better question one might ask is - who do you serve? That is what you are really passionate about. If you serve yourself, then all you say and do is center around you know who! YOU! But if your passion is to serve others - then their needs are more important than yours.

After being to the doctor enough times I can tell you which ones are there for the money and which ones are there to serve the patient. You can say this about police officers, politicians and ministers.

When our passions are about ourselves, then we have to be on top of the world. We have to be better, richer, fasting, brighter than everyone else. We are not successful or significant unless our pride is satisfied with where we are at. The problem is, pride is NEVER satisfied. You have to have more money, more compliments, more awards, more work, more - more - more.

When our passions are about others. Then we understand how Jesus could do what He did for us. Going to the cross for us wasn't about Him. It was about what we needed. Salvation - Hope - Joy - Love and Peace. (Just to name a few benefits). You might say "Oh I will never have to go to a cross for anyone." Really? Jesus said in Matthew 16:24 that we would have to take up the cross and follow Him. To say that you will never have to make a significant personal sacrifice for someone else isn't possible. The only way that could happen is if you never, ever love anyone with all your heart. But if you really love someone, (while you may never have to) you must be ready to show your passion for them.

The question you need to ask yourself today is - how much do you love Jesus?


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