Gideons 300 and Servanthood

These 300 knew that they were were part of something that was bigger than themselves. There is a song by Cindy Cruse Ratcliff entitled, “All About You”. Of course the song is meant to be sung to Jesus. But I have to wonder if some people don’t think that church is all about them.

Now I am not purposing that church should be a legalistic, cold harden organization that simply tells you what is right and wrong. Gideons 300 were there to do the will of their Father in Heaven. They were not there for their own selfish reasons, (obviously because this was a suicide mission). They were not there because Gideon was an inspiring leader (we will get to that later).

How we serve one another in the church has been determined by people. I have gone to dinner with lots of people who work in the restaurant industry. It’s an interesting experience to say the least. They critique EVERYTHING about the restaurant and it’s staff. When they get what THEY want out the eating experience, they are happy (and tip well). But when they don’t get what they expect . . . well.

When we get a consumerism mentality in church, it is always destructive.

Gideons 300 was there to serve God, period. Ask yourself today, "What you expect out of the church that you attend"? Then after you have asked that question, YOU MUST answer the next question. "What does God want me to do that will serve others through this church?" No excuses. If you believe that God placed you in your church, then you are there for a very good reason!! Serve God - Love others!!


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