Easter is Coming

Wow! In just a few weeks we will celebrate the death and resurrection of our Savior and Lord Jesus. The miracle of His resurrection is the miracle of our salvation. The tomb is empty and our hearts are empty of sin. He lives in heaven, there interceding for you and me. He live in our hearts everyday, where He is a close as the mention of His name!

Does that touch your heart? Does it cause you to take a moment to say, "Thank You Jesus!" Does this put a smile on your face? It should!!

But do you know someone who doesn't know why this matters to you? Do you know someone whose hopes are crushed, whose life is in shambles? Do you know someone who heart is confused, without purpose, without a plan for a future beyond this life?

Take a moment to text them, email them or call them right now. Encourage them - love them - give them some hope! Listen to them - be there for them. Invite them to Easter service with you and your family. Not for the purpose of "getting them saved". But for the purpose of exposing them to the same hope that you have. Let them experience the same, joy, love and hope that you have. Let them see what Jesus has to offer. Let them see your love and belief in Jesus, then they will embrace Him too.


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