When You Find Yourself In The Wilderness

Here are a few thoughts that shared at Prayer and Pancakes last night.

When you find yourself in the wilderness.

#1 - God leads us into wilderness experiences.
- The reason that you are there is because God led you there. You are right to think that you deserved it. But it isn't punish you, it's to change you.

#2 - It is there we discover His will for our lives.
- The wilderness is uncomfortable and life changing. God cannot use us as long as we think that we understand Him and how He is going to work in our life. It is in the wilderness that you discover who He really is. For example, Need water? He will lead you to a rock. Hungry? Look down - it's called manna.

#3 - It is there we defeat our enemies.
- In the wilderness you will find your enemies of the faith. It is here that they will do their best to keep you in this wilderness experience. If they can get you to complain and gripe about the experience that God is leading you through - you will lose momentum. I know many people who are still in the wilderness for no good reason - except they just will not allow God to change them.

#4 - We will not be the same person we were when we entered.
- That's the whole point of wilderness experiences. To change us. It is in the wilderness that we will discover His calling, His direction, His will, His desires for us. It is in the wilderness that we will dream dreams of faith. A faith that is better, brighter, greater and even happier.