When Tempted

When are you tempted? When you are tried? When your around a certain group of people? When your frustrated? Satan knows the best possible place and time to tempt you at all times. Not that he is that powerful, he just pays attention! (I I think takes good notes).

But the greatest temptation that we may fall to, isn't the greatest sin that we can commit. Oh I know, sin is sin. But you have to agree, murdering someone doesn't seem to be the same as cheating on your taxes. Nevertheless, here is what I mean.

We are tempted to NOT do our best at ALL times. Time, money, energy, patience - all of it is tested on a daily basis. When we allow Satan to convince us that good is good enough. Then we have sacrificed the best that we can do for the Kingdom of God.

Oh I don't think that this is easy. It is a constant battle of my mind and priorities to do my best at all times. Sometimes I want to do better, but all I can do is my best. This is frustrating. Why is it so important for me to do my best? Because it is an ACT OF WORSHIP from my heart unto God. Giving God "good enough" worship is good enough. He deserves the best!! Don't you agree?

That is why as a Christian, as a father, as a husband, as a pastor, as a leader I want to do my best at all times. Do I get it right all the time? No way! But I pick up and keep going.

What would happen to a church where the pastor, the leadership and it's people did their best ALL the time. Their best giving, their best worship, their best work, their best faith, their best efforts? What could God do with that kind of faith? what could God do with that kind of heart?


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