Get On The Right Track

So life isn't turning out the way you planned. Well there are some VERY important questions that you need to examine and pray about.

#1 - Is what you think your suppose to be doing line up with God's will?
- If you are trying to live a life that isn't the one God has planned for you, then enjoy your eternal frustration. It will never go away. Why? Because you will NEVER be satisfied.

#2 - Is your goal about your personal comfort or about building the Kingdom of God?
- This is very like question #1 with a twist. Selfishness. Are you trying to get God to bless your mess or are you trying to find out what God is doing in THIS MOMENT and get on board with it?

#3 - What is MOST important to you?
- Answers like: family, being a good parent, being a good provider are good but . . . Consider what Jesus said should be most important to you. Winning souls, being compassionate, worshipping Him, building and encouraging others in their relationship with Him. But all this other stuff? Jesus said that all these other things will be provided.

#4 - What's your goal?
Begin with the end in mind. Good idea. Do you know what that looks like? Some of you might say, HEAVEN! Nice, we knew that one. I'm talking about here and now. What is it that God asked you to do in the lives of others!! Who should hear the good news about Jesus? Who should you be praying for? What should your life be saying to others everyday?


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