The Flu

So how do you get the flu?

A. Get in a car with a sick man who coughs for an hour to where you are going and an hour back.
B. Enjoy your last day of health (it's about to get worse)
C. Day two - Wake up with a 103 fever.
D. Sleep for the next 36 hours. (During which your daughter goes to the dentist and gets a prescription for amoxicillin) This is important.
E. On day three make sure your daughter gets the flu.
F. Ignore your wife's dirty looks (lots of reasons for that)
G. Take daughter to emergency room because you can't get her into see a doctor for 5 days.
H. If she had strep throat the amoxicillin is the cure. She has influenza A - Doctors orders? Go home.
I. In a few days said daughter breaks out in a rash and now looks like a cheetah. (is it strep? Is it scarlet fever?) Back to the doctor.
J. Go to doctors and be surrounded by sick people crammed into a small waiting room. (Now having visions of step A)
K. See said doctor who says, "Probably an allergy" Go home.
L. Thinking about revisiting step A and sending said man to hospital.


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