Change Happens

Our lives change everyday. We change everyday. But God never changes - EVER! So what is so important about this? In a world that is in constant flux, we have to remember that it's goal for your life isn't good. Satan comes to steal our hope, kill our faith and destroy our relationship with Jesus and His people. It amazes me how good people will abandon a healthy relationship with their family, church family and with Jesus - in order to follow their own selfish desires. Here are a few things that you need to remember about change.

Change sometimes isn't fair - you may feel that you were wronged and you might have been. But Jesus said to leave judging and justice up to Him. Don't let you actions be determined by your need to get even.

Some change is permanent - You adapt, but you can't turn back time. Jesus promised that He would be all that you need in EVERY situation. He can sustain you even through changes that turn your world upside down.

Change is good - Before you quit - read this. That which ceases to change is DEAD. If your changing, your ALIVE and that means you can have hope!

Change forces you to do things you don't want to do - Nothing new there I know. But what is your attitude towards these changes? A good attitude - a Christ like attitude - will keep you hope and joy intact. But a bad attitude will only lead you to depression and discouragement.

Change is change - that is all. if you become emotionally attached to the situation - bitter an angry at change, you might end up in having to live it over and over and over and over again. Let change happen - let God direct you through it - be faithful to His Word (which was given to help us through it) - don't quit - don't give up.


Doc Burkhart said…
Good word, Pastor Russ!

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