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When You Find Yourself In The Wilderness

Here are a few thoughts that shared at Prayer and Pancakes last night. When you find yourself in the wilderness. #1 - God leads us into wilderness experiences. - The reason that you are there is because God led you there. You are right to think that you deserved it. But it isn't punish you, it's to change you. #2 - It is there we discover His will for our lives. - The wilderness is uncomfortable and life changing. God cannot use us as long as we think that we understand Him and how He is going to work in our life. It is in the wilderness that you discover who He really is. For example, Need water? He will lead you to a rock. Hungry? Look down - it's called manna. #3 - It is there we defeat our enemies. - In the wilderness you will find your enemies of the faith. It is here that they will do their best to keep you in this wilderness experience. If they can get you to complain and gripe about the experience that God is leading you through - you will lose momentum.

Get On The Right Track

So life isn't turning out the way you planned. Well there are some VERY important questions that you need to examine and pray about. #1 - Is what you think your suppose to be doing line up with God's will? - If you are trying to live a life that isn't the one God has planned for you, then enjoy your eternal frustration. It will never go away. Why? Because you will NEVER be satisfied. #2 - Is your goal about your personal comfort or about building the Kingdom of God? - This is very like question #1 with a twist. Selfishness. Are you trying to get God to bless your mess or are you trying to find out what God is doing in THIS MOMENT and get on board with it? #3 - What is MOST important to you? - Answers like: family, being a good parent, being a good provider are good but . . . Consider what Jesus said should be most important to you. Winning souls, being compassionate, worshipping Him, building and encouraging others in their relationship with Him. But all this ot

Change Happens

Our lives change everyday. We change everyday. But God never changes - EVER! So what is so important about this? In a world that is in constant flux, we have to remember that it's goal for your life isn't good. Satan comes to steal our hope, kill our faith and destroy our relationship with Jesus and His people. It amazes me how good people will abandon a healthy relationship with their family, church family and with Jesus - in order to follow their own selfish desires. Here are a few things that you need to remember about change. Change sometimes isn't fair - you may feel that you were wronged and you might have been. But Jesus said to leave judging and justice up to Him. Don't let you actions be determined by your need to get even. Some change is permanent - You adapt, but you can't turn back time. Jesus promised that He would be all that you need in EVERY situation. He can sustain you even through changes that turn your world upside down. Change is good

How Important??

A question that we may not ask ourselves often enough is, "How important is it . . . ?" How important is it to follow Jesus? How important is it to tell others about Jesus? How important is it to pray for those who are doomed to an eternity in hell? How important is it to worship God with our lifestyle? How important is it to believe that God can use us to make a difference in other peoples lives? How important is it to know God's Word and use it in everyday life? And will the answers to these questions change our priorities?

When Tempted

When are you tempted? When you are tried? When your around a certain group of people? When your frustrated? Satan knows the best possible place and time to tempt you at all times. Not that he is that powerful, he just pays attention! (I I think takes good notes). But the greatest temptation that we may fall to, isn't the greatest sin that we can commit. Oh I know, sin is sin. But you have to agree, murdering someone doesn't seem to be the same as cheating on your taxes. Nevertheless, here is what I mean. We are tempted to NOT do our best at ALL times. Time, money, energy, patience - all of it is tested on a daily basis. When we allow Satan to convince us that good is good enough. Then we have sacrificed the best that we can do for the Kingdom of God. Oh I don't think that this is easy. It is a constant battle of my mind and priorities to do my best at all times. Sometimes I want to do better, but all I can do is my best. This is frustrating. Why is it so im

Announcements for FFWC - Feb 20th

March To Miracles

During the month of March we are going to believe for miracles. Jobs, healing, divine provision, wisdom, direction, supernatural gifts of the Spirit, deliverances, salvation's and much, much more. Over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing with you what I am praying for. But I would like to know what you are praying for too! Go to and click on March to Miracles. There, type in as many requests you would like for us to prayer for. Let's believe and give God a reason to answer prayer. Why? Because prayer changes things!!

The Flu

So how do you get the flu? A. Get in a car with a sick man who coughs for an hour to where you are going and an hour back. B. Enjoy your last day of health (it's about to get worse) C. Day two - Wake up with a 103 fever. D. Sleep for the next 36 hours. (During which your daughter goes to the dentist and gets a prescription for amoxicillin) This is important. E. On day three make sure your daughter gets the flu. F. Ignore your wife's dirty looks (lots of reasons for that) G. Take daughter to emergency room because you can't get her into see a doctor for 5 days. H. If she had strep throat the amoxicillin is the cure. She has influenza A - Doctors orders? Go home. I. In a few days said daughter breaks out in a rash and now looks like a cheetah. (is it strep? Is it scarlet fever?) Back to the doctor. J. Go to doctors and be surrounded by sick people crammed into a small waiting room. (Now having visions of step A) K. See said doctor who says, "Probably an allergy