When Your To Busy

I believe that it is the greatest honor in the Kingdom of God to serve Him and others. But this is a FULL TIME job as well as a calling. Quite honestly I am overwhelmed with a LOT to do. It's all good - just A LOT! So I have to prioritize. If there is one thing that I have learned about prioritizing is this. I am going to tick somebody off. So here are a few rules I use to prioritize my time.

I am married to Betty, not the church.

People are more important than programs.

Defending the Kingdom of God is just as important as building the Kingdom of God.

Will (whatever is competing for my time) matter a week from now?

God called me to Pastor. I will use His definition of what a Pastor is and not let someone else do that for me.

Life is precious, don't overcomplicate it - Keep It Simple Stupid!

Enjoy want you can and don't feel guilt about having to say - NO!

Well there are a few of the things that I keep on my mind. They may sound tough, but think about it. Isn't someone or something battling you for your time right now? Gotta go, phone is ringing.


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