What inspires me?

What is the one word that I have to say that inspires me is - RELEASE. You might have been expecting revive or restore. True, these are good words. But the fact the of the matter is, if what you have that has been revived or restored isn't released - then what worth is it?

RELEASE - The love of God from your life into others
RELEASE - The hope that God gives you into other people.
RELEASE - The power of God in your life into the lives of others.
RELEASE - The message in your heart, from God, into the world you live in.
RELEASE - The joy of the Lord into others.
RELEASE - The power of something into the hearts of those who have nothing and let God be everything to a people who need something.

WHAT DOES RELEASING SO? It sets people free from the bondage of sin and this world. When you release your life into the lives of others, it has a releasing effect that can make a difference in their lives. You may not think that you can do this, but Jesus can do this through you - if you will RELEASE Him from your heart and into this world.

Let your life set someone free today!


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