Week of Prayer and Fasting

Today starts our week of prayer and fasting.

Check out my previous blog entry for more information on how to pray and fast.

But what do we pray for?

Pray that God will remove the obstacles from your life so that you will grow and be the disciple of Christ that He desires for you to be.

Pray that God will remove the obstacles from the lives of those who don't know Jesus so they will ask Him into their hearts and lives.

Pray that God will remove the obstacles for your church so that it will grow and become a bright light in it's neighborhood and city.

Pray that God will do in your life what you can't do for yourself.

A few words about fasting.

Remember that right attitudes precedes right actions. As Samuel declared: It's better to obey than sacrifice. When we do the right thing for the wrong reason we will be perceived as liars. So decide why you are going to fast before you do it. Decide that it is more important to intercede and pray than it is to eat. That you are willing to give up in order to go up.

Some people, for health reasons, cannot skip food (or a lot of it) That is fine. What is your most precious activity that you enjoy? Give that up. What do you spend a lot of your recreational time on? Give it up. Love drinking coffee? There it goes! Give up something of meaning and spend time with your Savior, your Leader, the One who loves you - Jesus!!



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