The Truth Is.....

I asked this question Sunday. Who are the two greatest men of the Bible? Jesus and Moses. Without Moses there would be no Old Testament and without Jesus there would be no New Testament.

Moses had a burning bush experience whereby God called him to lead the great nation of Israel out of Egypt and into the Promise Land. At Mount Sinai, Moses went to God and came down with the Law and the Ten Commandments.

Jesus was birthed into the world as you or I. His vision for the nation of Israel and this world didn't come from a mountain, but from His heart. He brought into this world His Good News, His vision for our lives. He paid for it with His blood.

So where does your vision - your faith - your dream come from? You can have a burning bush experience, even a mountain top experience that will change the rest of your life. But from the pain of your heart, you will discover that there is good news for you today. You can give into the pain and let it swallow you whole - consuming you down to the very marrow of your bone. Don't let this happen.

Jesus didn't get down from the cross because the pain was to much. His love for us was greater than His pain. Discover that in your pain, Jesus hurt too - that's why He went to the cross. To be there for you TODAY! Don't give up! Don't give in!

Don't let the liars and smooth talkers of this world tell you who Jesus isn't, what Christians didn't do, what the Church hasn't done! THE TRUTH IS - Jesus is doing great things among His people TODAY! THE TRUTH IS Christians are doing great things for Jesus right now! THE TRUTH IS the Church is ALIVE AND WELL!

My name is Russ Jones and I am the Pastor of Faith Family Worship Center in Palm City, Florida -I LOVE THIS CHURCH and I approve this message!


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