Sunday Night Reflections

Just got back from the South Florida Fair. It was COLD but we had fun. Anneka pet every animal that would let her and rode some ponies.

Today was an AWESOME day here at FFWC. It would seem that every Sunday is that way - and why not? Jesus is in the house!

Deana picked a great set of worship songs this morning. I really enjoyed them.

Brandon did a great job his first Sunday on the sound board. Good job Brandon!!!

We are a church that is transforming. Here are a few thoughts that I didn't get to share in this mornings sermon.

When you plant, you always get a larger return. I know that a lot of preachers have misused this theology to raise a lot of money, but that isn't what I am necessarily talking about. You will reap a harvest of whatever God sees fit to plant into your life.

The first time that you do anything with God is always the hardest. We are not wired to change and change is what God will ask us to do. What kind of firsts will God ask of you?

The first time you ask Him into your heart as Lord and Savior.
The first time you really pray and ask Him to intervene in your life.
The first time your read the Bible and His Word speaks into your life.
The first time the Holy Spirit speaks to you and you know it is Him
The first time you speak in tongues.
The first time you give something in the offering and it is a real sacrifice.
The first time you His compassion moves on your heart to invest in someones life.
The first time you are used in a supernatural gift of the Spirit
The first time you tell someone your story about what Jesus has done for you.

Now I think about it, I better stop here and continue on with this later. I think that there is more to this first stuff than meets the eye.

God Bless y'all and I LOVE THIS CHURCH!


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