I am in Presbytery today and enjoying one report after another. But here is something that is keeps coming up again and again.


I learned from someone else a long time ago. Find out what God is doing and get on board with it.

What is God doing right now? Missions!!
- In the Assemblies of God - giving was WAY up nation wide.
- In Pen Florida BGMC gave $571,000 - BIGGEST EVER
- In Pen Florida Speed the Light gave $316,000
- This year you can put a roof on one of 40 churches (in a country that I don't know if I can mention yet) that have been destroyed by social unrest for just $2,000
- Pen Florida is looking to start 6 churches in our state this year. Anyone want to make it 7? If you are between Sebastian and Boca from the coast to the Lake - CALL ME!!

So to my FFWC Family. We are a mission to! The 3rd largest missions field in the world is (you got it) US!

Give to WIN!!! (Hmmm, I like the sound of that. Take note staff!!! ) We are going to give to win!!


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