Just What Is Sacred?

Sacred - The dictionary defines sacred as "...dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity." When you look to the Bible you find the word Holy - To be without sin - pure - set apart.

Ask yourself, just what is sacred? In India's Hinduism cows are not worshipped, but they are considered sacred. Long story. So you see cows wandering the streets of India and Hindus are not suppose to eat beef.

So when you ask yourself what is sacred? Is it holy or is it a cow? Jesus is Holy - The Bible is Holy - There is the Holy Spirit - We are suppose to be holy (set apart from this world and dedicated unto God).

So as you pray and fast this week - will God ask you to give up something that is "sacred" to you? I've heard people say, "Oh God would never ask me for that." Really!?! When our sacred cows mean more to us than His Holiness - you might be surprised!

Hmmm! I wonder if Jesus would eat beef?


Anonymous said…
What a great resource!

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