I Love My Church pt 2

The first few months at the church were interesting to say the least. When we first entered the church the first word that entered my mind was RED. Red carpet, red drapes, red pews, red plastic flowers. As you looked at the platform there were two big suns painted on the platform with the words, "God omnipotent reigns" In the baptismal there was a beautiful painting of a dove coming down from heaven. That bird bothered me. It really drove me nuts for weeks. What is wrong with this picture? I couldn't figure it out. Then one day Betty and I were looking at it and she finally figured it out. The wings on the bird were painted on backwards. I think that the pulpit use to be the bulkhead of a battleship. That was a BIG pulpit. Then there was a BIG organ along with a BIG piano on a platform the size of postage stamp.

Well within a few weeks we had picked up a few people who were looking for a church home. A local pastor laughed at them one day saying, "That church has never done anything and it never will." We started to clean up the property, that meant hauling over 6 tons of junk to the dump. We sold what we could at a garage sale and made a lot of money! Not because the stuff was good, we just had a LOT of junk. We toned the red down as much as possible and cleaned everything that could be cleaned. We cleaned, cleaned, cleaned and.... well you get the picture.

In that first year we had to put on a new roof, (I told God I never wanted to do that again.) replaced the church sign with a nice one that was internally lit and had changeable copy and painted the church. That would have never happened if it wasn't for the Teen Challenge Mens program. They brought a van load of men down. One of them had been a professional painter. He took the spray gun and the rest of us got a paint brush. That church, doors and all was painted in a day a nice peach color. We were on such a limited budget that I couldn't afford the best paint possible. So that nice peach color faded into a nice pink color. For a couple of years we were known as the pink church in Palm City. (It's yellow now) Now when we paint I say, Benjamin Moore!

The pic is Teen Challenge putting the steeple back up. Thanks to the hurricanes, insurance companies don't insure churches with those things any more.


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