I Love My Church - 5

Most people don't know that FFWC is almost 60 years old. That makes it one of the oldest Pentecostal churches on the Treasure Coast. Over those years young evangelists would come and hold revivals. one of them was Robert Gatlin, now former District Superintendent of the West Florida District. One of the churches pastor Harold Hidle went on to serve in the Southern New England District, as District Secretary and Treasurer and his wife as the District W.M. Director. In 1974 Rev. Courtney Harding built the sanctuary that the church now uses. In 1991 the church held a series of revival meetings with other churches in the area. They concluded the revival by baptizing 75 people. In the early 90's a little know music group came to sing at the church, you might know them as The Martins. The most recent name, that you might recognize, that has preached here is Reinhard Bonnke. On Thanksgiving Sunday over 40 people accepted Christ as their Savior, a number of people were healed. It was the largest service ever at the church.


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