Tech and the Small Church - iphone app

This is a series of blogs on how small churches can use technology to help their ministries.

iPhone apps

Ever get jealous of all those BIG churches who get their own iphone app? Well don't fret - you can have one too! is free to any iPhone user. The lite version costs the church $9 a month. But if you have enough people with these iPhones, then it is worth it. For your money you can offer service times, directions and other church information - keep your people up to date with church events and even download sermons and listen to them right from their phone.

While this is great for people in your church who have iphones and ipods - it is also a great marketing tool for them to use too. Encourage them to offer it to people who also have an iphone or ipod as a means to "check out" your church before they come.

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