Tech and the Small Church - Audio Hosting

This is a series of blogs on how small churches can use technology to help their ministries.

Audio/Sermon Hosting

So you want to put those sermons on the internet for others to listen to - but it all seems a little complicated and/or expensive. Then try This is a free service to churches and pastors. There they will host your audio file which you can then link your website or iphone app to.

For those of you what want to do this, but don't know how - here is an easy way to do it.

#1 - Buy a DVR (digital voice recorder) that allows you to upload your sound file to your computer. There are a number of them out there - but you should be able to get one around $60.

#2 Upload a free program call Audicity. (This is for Mac people). For Windows people you might try Free Audio Converter Personally I haven't used this one - but it's free.

#3 - Upload your sermon audio file from your DVR to you computer. From there open Audicity and open your sound file in there. Now you can edit and add fade ins or fade outs to your sermon. You can even record an Intro through Audicity directly into your sound file.

#4 - Once you are done, export the file to your desktop as an AIFF file. Drop that file into iTunes and convert it to MP3 (I always trash the aiff file after that so I don't have two of the same sermon on my iphone.)

#5 - Your file is now ready to upload to Open an account with them and follow their directions. It's easy.