Christian Rules for Facebook

Enough already. FB is a great social tool for networking people, embracing old relationships and reaching parts of the world you thought you would never reach. But some people just don't know how to use this thing. Every once in a while someone calls me about something that someone else posted on FB and now they are offended. I usually ask, "What did you do in response?" Almost every time they say - I wrote them back and told them off. Oh boy! Here we go again.

So here are the Christian Rules to FB - If I missed some, please feel free to add some of your own for consideration.

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say - If the Bible says let your yes be yes and no be no - that means you should try to communicate clearly enough for everyone to understand you. If you fail in either communicating your thoughts or understanding their thoughts start your response with the following words, "I'm sorry..."

Use lots of BS - Be Sweet - You momma taught you (or should have) that if you have nothing to say good about someone, say nothing at all. Otherwise, when on FB - be sweet!

Argue offline or shut up - You want to get into it with them - fine. But message before you post on their wall. Ask the, "Is this what you meant to say?" "Did I misunderstand you?" If it's between you and them, then keep it that way. If you don't want to do this, then get over it and move on.

Offend publicly / apologize publicly - If you made a mess on FB then clean up your mess on FB. Let people see your heart (that belongs to God) humble itself.

Don't post pics that you would want on the front page of your local newspaper. - Every once in a while someone posts a pic that causes me to go "AHHHHHHH!" Please try to think about how people might take a pic before you post.

Remember your on a billboard - FB is a billboard on the internet. While FB does have some privacy setting which you are more than welcome to use - don't get upset when someone says something to you about a recent post. I've had people tell me, "That wasn't for you to read." Remember, if you post on FB it's for EVERYBODY to read.

Here is a good rule for communication that you need to remember.

There is what you said, what you meant to say and what you really said. Then there is what they heard, what they thought they heard and what they really heard. Communication is an art, never assume that everyone completely understands you all the time.