Church In The Summer

For most pastors and churches summer is defined by one word. SLUMP People are on vacation. Offerings are down. The relatives are visiting from all over the world (it seems like). And it's HOT!!

So why do I love summer? First of all it's HOT! No I'm not weird, that's why I don't live in the part of the country where it snows! (Ooo I just got a chill thinking about it.)

Secondly you can do things as a church family that you cannot necessarily do during the rest of the year. Like, stay out late at the local ice cream parlor. Crash Tim's house for a all church BBQ. (That was fun!) Preach in blue jeans on Sunday. (That was comfortable.) And a host of other things.

But the best thing about summer is that you have a chance to reconnect and reenergize relationships. School isn't in session, 3 day weekends are happening. Backyards are ready to welcome the neighbors over and the BBQ grills are primed to cook. Don't let the mosquitoes run you off and don't let the heat melt you down. Enjoy the summer and don't forget that summer time is a great time to do great things for Jesus!!