Seeing Success!

We live in a cynical world. Oil spills, tough economy, unemployment and more. It seems that the bad news just keeps coming and coming and coming. Well I would like to suggest a few things for you to do.

Stop watching CNN - Constantly Negative News. That goes for all the other news networks too.

Start looking for some good news - It's out there! All you have to do is look for it. There are some great reasons to keep living and not give up.

Measure your life by Christ's standards not by the worlds standards. If you don't measure up to Christ's standards, don't panic - you can and will. But if you don't measure up to the worlds standards, don't bother. Even on the best day of your whole life, you will still never measure up.

So I come to the church this morning and find around 20 youth sleeping in various rooms and pews. They had a lock in last night. They worshipped God for three hours and had fun all night. There is some good news for the day!!