How Fragile Are We?

Life is fragile, handle with prayer. Ever heard that one before? We all have. Seems to be a little to simple doesn't it?

God knew that there would be days in our future when our world would come crashing down around us. Days when the bull elephant would go tromping through our china shop. He knows that life is fragile. So how do we deal with it?

#1 - Don't give in to fear. This isn't as easy as it sounds. Fear sneaks in and will get ahold quicker than the flu. You just don't know that it's there until it's to late.

#2 - Give in to faith. If you are going to abandon your soul to something, abandon it to your faith in Jesus. When fear stick it's ugly head up (and it will) let faith win.

#3 - Remember that God restores. Sin is sin. That means that it will do everything it can to destroy your hope and future.
But God is here to let you know that He is your hope and future. That sin cannot destroy Him. He can restore what sin, Satan and hell will destroy.

#4 - Praise God in all things. No we may not understand it, nor may we even like it. But God will never, ever give up on you. He always has HIS best intentions in mind for you.