Doing Things Differently

You know, years ago when you did something different, when you challenged the status quo, when you even dared to suggest something out of the ordinary, you were considered a candidate for the funny farm. Yet today, if you don't think outside of the box, if you are not different you are called a dinosaur. So which is better? Tradition, orthodoxy approach to life. What is tried and proved? Stick with what works? Or should you look for a new way of live? Get away from the safe and secure and try something risky, different and challenging.

What makes you stand out in a crowd? Your personality? How you dress? What you do for a living? What makes you different? If you are a part of the rat race does that make you a grayish, furry little rodent with a black nose and whiskers? (If a fellow co worker just came to mind that's your problem.) But what do we do to reach a world for Christ? The problem we face in our future isn't the silence of the Gospel, it's marginalization. We will not be silenced, it's just that people will quit listening. It is happening already.

The church is great at getting peoples attention, but it is good at keeping it? Then when the church speaks, does it say anything that is worth while? What makes us different and keeps us that way?