The desperation of the Gospel

If preachers, pastors, teachers and evangelists are guilty of anything - they are guilty of being desperate. Desperately desiring to reach people with the truth about Jesus. If anything we fight for in our culture today I the attention - the time - the open heart of a culture who wants to believe in something bigger than themselves, something hat offers hope, something that gives purpse to life. The truth is, we are a odd lot who are desperate to lead people to a relationship with Jesus. That desperation came through me and the sermon today. I apologize if it came across as anger or wrathful. I was desperate. That sermon has been burning in my heart for a few days now. A call to know Him and make Him known. A call to a deeper relationship with Him. Not to make the same mistakes the Israelites made in the wilderness. So with that said - I hope you forgive my passion, over the top desperation. I get angry at Satan - I love people.