Dealing With Different

When is a Christian, not a Christian? We would assume it is when they sin or behave in a unChristlike manner. This is true, but I think that we need to look outside our box a little further.

When is a Christian, not a Christian? When they choose not to act like every other person in the world who calls themselves a Christian, whether they deserve the title or not. When they choose to act better than the average Christian. When they choose to live up to the standard of God's Word for their daily life. When they do so with passion and perseverance. When they do so with a passion that defines them and their purpose in life.

When is a Christian, not a Christian? When they own their Christianity!! How do you own it, you ask? All of us have had a number of friends and acquaintances throughout life. Occasionally, we become acquainted with people who may be a social outcast, considered to be a trouble maker by some or they are just plain weird! That person may tell others that you are their friend, but when someone asks you about this "friendship" your answer is, "Well, not so much a friendship as . . . ." Well there is no passion in that is there?

When we as Christians are PASSIONATE about our relationship with Jesus, when we unquestionably allow others to know of our relationship with Him, when we care more about what Jesus thinks than anyone else - you are no longer a typical Christian anymore. You are a new definition to a who new breed of life from Jesus.