Being Different for Difference Sake

Jesus was different. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. That whole, die and rise from the dead thing pretty much seals it. But why be different? I have seen a lot of marketing ideas that were designed to get your attention and let you know that "this company" was different from all the rest. Remember that sock puppet that use to work for a pet supply chain? I wonder whose foot it's on now?

Being different for difference sake never works. You will get someone attention and then what? When you change your looks it needs to happen for one or two reasons. 1 - the change has already happened and you need to catch up. You've seen people who stopped updating their style of hair or clothes. They still wear their hair the same way, even though most of it is gone. 2 - the needs to happen and leadership is going in a new direction. This is what Jesus did. He led the people of Israel in a new direction. Those who believed in Him changed their world for Him. The question you need to ask yourself is, Do you need to change?