Frustrating Fun

A pastor called me today and told me that pastoring is fun and frustrating. That is the truth. I know that it seems that Pastors are gluttons for punishment - but really we are not. Now the question is, is pastoring suppose to be more fun or frustrating. The quick answer most people would give is fun. After all, who likes frustrating? But I have to disagree. However, I don't think that pastoring is suppose to be more frustrating.

On the wall in my office is a saying. "Frustration is eventually productive." That's true! There are somethings in life worth being frustrated over. Waiting for someone to ask Jesus into their heart. Believing God for the right place and time to fulfill a dream. Waiting on God to answer a question for you. All of these can be frustrating but they also are very rewarding.

If you want to know some things that will help increase the "fun" factor for your pastor and decrease his level of "frustration", here are a few suggestions.

- Keep your word. If you promise to do something, then do it when you said you were going to. If for some reason, something happens that keeps you from keeping your word, pick up a phone and explain it - immediately. It's frustrating to wait.

- Don't assume. If you don't know and need to know - ASK! If you don't know and you really don't need to know then don't comment on something you don't know anything about. Got it?

- Pay Attention. Discover what method(s) of communication the church uses to tell you about what is going on and use them. It is very frustrating to speak to people who say, "I didn't know!"

- Help, don't gripe! If there is an area of ministry or administration where you can assist - offer to help. There is a process, learn how that process works, even if is very informal in it's infant stages. If you don't like how it is going, become part of the solution, don't be part of the problem.

- Bring solutions, not problems. Don't force the pastor to micro manage the church. If you can fix it, do it. If you can't, then ask for help. Save time and money, don't waste the pastors time, it wastes the churches money.