So while Anneka was at her spanish lessons, Betty and I go to Starbucks. As we are getting out of the car we see some of their tables and chairs sitting out back. We asked them what that was about? Well, they were just going to throw them away. We asked if we could have them and they said, YES! Well that was nice.

The reason we wanted these tables was to help facilitate our ministry hour before Sun AM service. From 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. we are encouraging everyone to come and spend some time together. The coffee is FREE. The bagels will be FREE. The fellowship will be FREE. Someone who will pray with you will be FREE. We will enjoy this time around our FREE tables. (Looking for some FREE chairs too.)

Bring a friend and let them enjoy the hour before service and let them meet the church (that's us) called Faith Family Worship Center.