Easter is Over

All the work and preparation paid off. Leading 2 people in service and 3 more in children's church to accept Jesus as their Savior is worth it all. Watching a baptism at the ocean was just icing on the cake! But Easter is over.

Now I have to tell you, in all honesty, that I am glad that it's over. There is no way that most church would be able to do what they did last Sunday ever Sunday of the year. So if church doesn't seem "as good" as it was last Sunday - don't be disappointed.

But the reason why I am glad that Easter is over isn't the one that you are thinking of. You see, when Jesus walked out of the tomb on that faithful Easter Sunday over 2,000 years ago, it changed everyday since then. No longer do we live under the law (Old Testament) we now live under grace (New Testament). Salvation, grace, mercy, love, healing, miracles, the power of the Holy Spirit and much, much more was made available to us TODAY!

Easter means that ever day, from now on, is in His hands and that my future is secure with Him. Now, aren't you glad that Easter is over?


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