Uh Oh!

So the point of this article which you can read here is how a college professor changed the grading system from the old A - F routine to video gaming style scoring. Students start their class with zero "experience points," they'll perform "quests;" exams become "fighting monsters;" and assignments become "crafting." Students even team up into "guilds" to tackle group projects.

So what can we learn from all of this?

1. If you underestimated the impact video gaming has had on our young people, you are now up to speed.
2. What use to motivate people to accomplish more and do better is changing.
3. "Points" are as valuable as money. Self value and worth is now being connected to video gaming.
4. Fun and work and not inseparable. If work isn't going to be fun, young people will not be interested.

So what can the church do to incorporate this shift in our culture to reach young people for Christ? I have a feeling that some discipleship courses could change dramatically. Also how we approach volunteerism within our congregations could embrace a new tone.

What are your thoughts?