Sunday Evening Thoughts

Well I took a nap today. I honestly can't tell you when the last time I actually did that. Felt weird. But as I think about this mornings service there is a lot to reflect on.

God is soooooo awesome. I believe we are going to hear some great reports from this mornings service.

Many people told me that they needed to hear what was shared today from the message. That it really helped them. Praise God!

We had 50 in this mornings service. Yea!!!

The new Children's Church reveal was great! There is more to come in there too!

Sunday School has some great discussion today. I hope that it helped some of think about what we are thinking about!!

My Aunt Bev and Cousin Randy are headed back to Oregon Tuesday. Now that the weather is getting warmer, vacation is over. It's that the way it seems to work out!

Got some great reports from those who attended DSOM yesterday! Didn't even get a chance to say something about that today!

Ok, I know that Buddy Barrel is BIG. But he has been making a big difference for Jesus for over 50 years. So he gets the right to be that tall.

It's funny how my idea of what, "orderly" and what the Holy Spirit thinks is "orderly" isn't the same thing. I have just learned to go with it. The Holy Spirit is never out of control.

The Praise and Worship team sounded great today. We actually had some harmony going. They start practicing for Easter this week. You are really going to be impressed with what they are going to do. You really, really need to bring some friends to see it too.

Ok my fingers are tired. Bye now.