As I was sitting at the tire store buying 2 new tires for my car, the inevitable happened. Someone asked, "What do you think of this new health care bill?"

A mormon, a retired military man, a parts delivery driver, an administrative assistant and a small business owner all took part in the conversation.

The driver thought it was a good idea. The military man asked him why the elected officials passed a law that 73% of Americans are against. (Don't know if his numbers are right.) The mormon asked him if he was willing to participate in a system where 43% of doctors were going to quit. The administrative assistant told everyone that should would not be able to get married because the insurance rates would be so high, she couldn't afford it. The small business owner though said it well.

"We live in a country where people want something for nothing. As long as this mentality exists, we will see this and more of it in our future. Get a job, work for a living, purchase insurance and take care of yourself. Never expect the government to do it for you."