A Day At the DMV, City Hall, The Permit Dept.!!

So here is how this goes.

1) Bought a house and moved in. New address means new drivers license.
2) Installed new AC unit (myself), saved $4,000 dollars, because old unit was DEAD!
3) Received notice from the city that I had not pulled a permit for said AC.
4) Advised them that I had checked and was told that home owners didn't have to pull a permit, if they did the work themselves.
5) Was advised that I was wrong.
6) I think that the AC company (who said that they were helping me) simple steered me the wrong way because I wouldn't pay the extra $4,000 to them. Grrrr.
7) Go to city to get permit.
8) Oh, we don't have correct drivers licenses - you have get them updated.
9) Go to DMV and discover that we need our birth certificates or passports.
10) Go back to city to get extension on time allowed to file for permit.
11) Ordered birth certificates (RUSH order!!)
12) Wait - Day 1
13) Wait - Day 2
14) Wait - Day 3
15) Wait - Day 4
16) Receive birth certificates.
17) Go to DMV. Proudly show them our newly copied birth certificates. Good! Your marriage license isn't real though. WHAT! Yes it is! No it isn't! Yes it is! No it isn't! Grrrr! Let me take this to my supervisor! So after they look at it, copy it, get 3 or 4 more people to look at it, then hold it up to the light. Hold their tongue just right. Await for the stars to line up and for the presence of God to kiss their forehead they said .................. Your married!! Whew! That was close.
18) Get Drivers licenses
19) Go to city to get permit.
20) Watch two men almost get into a fist fight over who was going to be first in line.
21) Get to the counter and begin to fill out the paper work.
22) Fill out form 1
23) Fill out form 2
24) Fill out form 3
25) Fill out form 4
26) Fill out form 5
27) I'm not counting any more.
28) They ask what did you install? An AC unit? How many tons? 3 How many seer? (Oh, no)
29) Growl all the way back to the house to find out how many seer this thing is.
30) Get back to city hall and finished said paperwork.
31) Pay my fine, I mean my permit fee.
32) Schedule the inspection.
33) Go out to lunch at my favorite restaurant because I earned it.


Unknown said…
In everything give thanks....and all things work together for good...REALLY