YouVersion Reading Plans

Did you make a resolution to read the Bible this year? Great!! It isn't as hard as you might think. Here are a few keys to unlocking your success.

Use a reading plan. Just reading whatever, whenever, never works. Go to and pick a plan that suits you right now.

"Variety is the spice of life" someone once said. It is true that your devotional time with God can get boring. There is nothing wrong with changing it up a bit. Pray in a different place, read aloud rather than silently, write your prayers down instead of speaking them.

Keep a journal. Most people cringe at this one, but it is easy. Get a notebook, a pen or pencil and do the following. 1) Write down the date. 2) Write down anything from God's Word that impress you in some way. 3) Write down what you are praying about today. Start here and your journaling experience will expand with time.

Pick a version, not a paraphrase, of the Bible that you understand. Different version exist to help people read the Bible. Some are very detailed while others are written in everyday language. Need help? Go to and pick a scripture passage that you like. Then read it in different translations. I recommend The New International Version, The Contemporary English Version or the New King James Version. If you need more help ask me, one of our staff pastors or your pastor - they can help.