When Life Changes

Ok I admit that I am probably a little different when it comes to this. But when life begins to change they way I live and what I do and how I do it - I actually like it. Sometimes its a struggle to deal with, changing schedules, routines and such. However, it results in a life that isn't boring or dull. It isn't predictable or "safe". When we bought the house over a week ago, things began to change. Everyone felt the need to come and tell me that, "things are going to change now!" Ya think? They are probably a little irritated at me because I revel in the change, I don't despise it.

When we work hard to make our life "safe" and predictable do we really achieve our goal? How safe are we, really? The security of our life isn't found in our money, possession or position. It is found in our relationship with Jesus. This one who rules and reigns over kings and kingdoms. I find that it is interesting that the Bible declares that we are overcomers in Christ. That means that there are going to be things that we need to overcome. So when life begins to change you can fight it, despise it, gripe about it and allow it to defeat you. Or you can just - (wait for it - hold on how - are you sitting dow? - this might be a little hard to swallow now - ok - here it is) ...................... change!

The one and only thing that is safe about your life is your relationship with Christ. The deeper your relationship the more secure you will feel. Even when life changes everything, it will not defeat you or destroy you. Jesus will be your Savior through it.