It's Christmas Eve!!!

The day is full of activities preparing for tonight's Christmas Eve service. I am looking forward to this year. A time dedicated wholly to thanking Jesus for coming to this earth as one of us. Jesus came to this earth to make a difference. What can you do today that will make a difference in the life of someone / anyone?

Christmas isn't about what you will get. Because if we get what we deserve, well let's not go there, OK?
Christmas is about what you can give. But why do we give? To impress someone? Sounds like your still trying to get something in return.
Christmas is about mercy. God, in His mercy sent His Son to us. When we give, give in mercy - not because we think they deserve it - but because we want to bless them.
Christmas is about giving that which you cannot buy at Wal-Mart. It's about hope, joy, peace, love and forgiveness. A gift given may place a smile on ones face, but does it warm their heart with the love of God?