How To Frustrate Your Morning

Step #1 - ACCEPTED a call from AT&T three months ago saying that you can now have U-verse. Internet access that is faster than DSL at a much cheaper price.

Step #2 - Accept their offer to have U-verse installed here at the church.

Step #3 - Wait and wait and wait and wait.

Step #4 - Receive mail on how to access my U-verse account online. Huh? What U-verse?

Step #5 - Call them and ask them where my U-verse is? It hasn't been installed yet.

Step #6 - Take to many operators across the country. All confirm that I can get U-verse but they don't know how to sign me up.

Step #7 - Talk to someone in India via online chat and find out that he can't help either.

Step #8 - Finally someone gives me the number to a back line in Atlanta to U-verse.

Step #9 - They tell me that I have to wait another two weeks before they can install it.

Step #10 - I suggest that they move that date up since I have been waiting for three months now and I don't think it's worth that kind of wait.

Step #11 - They arrived here today, an hour early! To tell me that U-verse doesn't exist in this neighborhood.

The moral of the story today? DON'T EVER, EVER DO STEP #1


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